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Taty Construction Inc. design-build method economizes and streamlines a project by overlapping the design and construction phases, with the contractor assuming the majority of the risk. It is popular for turning seemingly unworkable projects into legitimate opportunities. If the project doesn’t budget out as anticipated, the contractor operating as the design-builder can redesign the facility in a way that creates value in multiple ways and gives the owner a turnkey price to still do the whole deal on budget.

Unlike the back-and-forth linear traditional method, the design-build model overlaps the design, permit and construction schedules so the project can be built and delivered much quicker. With design and construction working in concert, the design-build method eliminates the risk of redesign, which could prove costly to both the client’s schedule and budget. Design-build also allows for the project cost to be established much earlier in the process–often before the final drawings are completed.


Beyond cost and time benefits, the design-build process is easier. It gives the owner a single contract and single point of responsibility. No more tangled web of multiple contracts and conversations with architects, engineers, contractors and construction managers. Communication is also enhanced between the design-builder and the owner, which translates to the owner having more and ongoing input into the project.

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