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Building Services

Taty Construction, Inc. building services offers general maintenance, emergency service and light construction work. Our years of project management experience provide you with a variety of building services. Our partnerships with professionals in virtually every industry ensure that your project will be completed with the consistent level of quality that our clients have come to expect.

Our competitive pricing comes from years of experience and some of the most efficient professionals in the business. Flexible access and considerate execution means completion of your job with minimal disruption to occupied spaces. We have earned the trust of corporations and property managers to be the maintenance and service provider they rely on. Our skilled teams of tradesmen have the specialized knowledge, equipment and products to expertly finish your project.

Taty Construction Inc. building services provides a full range of capabilities from quick repairs and regular maintenance. We guarantee our work and provide instant response, along with clean, quiet and considerate execution of all your facility needs. We offer a variety of arrangements including unit pricing, time-and-material open books and yearly service contracts.

Our Services


Even when it’s not under construction, every building has a million moving parts and needs a reliable team of qualified tradesmen to deploy when and where the need arises. We provide expert installation of doors, door frames, hardware, millwork and acoustical ceiling tiles.

General Labor and Demolition. 

Our skilled technicians understand the complexities of performing demolition, especially in occupied environments. Proper protection, safety and noise control are factors that we consider well before the start of any project. We also have expertise working in environments that may contain hazardous materials.

Metal Stud and Drywall. 

We want to be your preferred contractor for any office reconfigurations that you may have. Whether you need to subdivide a space, relocate a door opening or move a wall, Taty Construction Inc. Building Services will ensure the process is worry-free.

Taping and Painting. 

With a robust team of tapers and painters, we provide 24/7 access to the best in the business. Our specialty finishing services cover the whole job, including taping and painting, minor patching as well as floor coatings and wall covering installation.

Additional Services. 

No project is too small. We are also qualified to offer the following services with the same great skills and reliability: concrete repair, masonry, acoustical ceilings and wall treatments, flooring, toilet partitions and accessories, audiovisual, loading dock equipment, HVAC, fire protection, plumbing, electrical, and security systems.

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