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Jen H. Lineberry, Des Plaines Apartments Building

“TATY completed each of our projects to our satisfaction, I am pleased to recommend TATY Construction as a quality contractor.”

Dick & Hope Girling

“We are extremely pleased with the new addition and remodeling work performed by the TATY on our home. Their craftsmanship exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed getting to know them on a personal level. They exhibited great integrity. They followed up on commitments. We consider the project they completed for us a total success.”


Taty Construction was established in 1999 to provide residential and commercial construction services. Presently Taty Construction is one of the most successful and fastest growing construction Company in the Chicagoland area. Taty Construction has earned a distinctive reputation for excellence along with a record for consistently bringing in projects on time and within budget. Our construction professionals are skilled at understanding the objective of our clients at the same time always keeping their best interest. Our team of experts are creating the best project options and solutions while upholding the highest quality.

Taty Construction is well know for competitive pricing and innovative building solutions. Taty Construction projects exceed expectations when it comes to building performance and design. Our seasoned professionals are accessible, service oriented and truly dedicated to making the construction experience efficient and enjoyable for the client no matter what the size of the project

Taty Construction has successfully executed tens of projects with diverse degrees of complexity for clients in various market segments including  commercial, multi-family and single familty residential.
Environmental awareness is imperative to Taty Construction. We work closely with our clients to implement contemporary building practices and design details in order to protect the environment while also saving valuable resources.

Taty Construction is EPA certified and Project Mangers are specifically trained to operate and manage projects with the highest level of sustainability. This is demonstrated first hand when we approach our construction projects.


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